Global Humen Behaviour Reforming.

Fundemental approach to human success and healthy society is listening, finding talents, or creating talents, modern methods of conducting with our life aspects. The current humen behaviour should be changed, or altered to diverted socities livings, where they live, as one and co-exist multiple cultural differences. Force is only used in no option or for essential and crucial purposes. You can not force a generation that live in other part of the world and does not listen to any one. When an egg breaks from inside a chicken borns, but if the egg breaks from the out side, means the egg and chicken is lost. The point is inner force, of humen beings as behaviour should be reformed. Things will take time, like the wars, poverty, Illiteracy, climate change, and etc… will probably change for good, if we focus and invest in Reforming global behaviour of mankind.

Independent thinker, Entrepreneur, Writer, Governance Adviser, Manager, Researcher, University lecturer, Social Volunteer.